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Each of our schools is different. They are in different locations, around the world and offer different types of experiences. Some offer established diving in recognised top locations. Others are located in excellent dive spot that aren't on the beaten track! Some are in developed countries - while for others the undeveloped nature is their charm and their attraction.  All the Spanish language schools are well recognised established schools with qualified and caring teachers. The Dive schools are all certified dive centres with qualified dive instructors and dive masters. You will be in good hands. Here is a brief summary of each of the locations

Costa Tropical , Spain.
With 300 sunny days a year (the sunniest in Europe) and located in the south of Spain - its definitely a great European getaway. With many coves facing different directions it has renown for having the most consistent diving in Spain. Located in La Herradura - a small coastal Village of 6,000 it offers the low key, relaxing Spanish holiday

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is the most politically stable and safest country in Latin America. It is well developed with excellent infrastructure. Costa Rica is renown as a diving destination, and this area has the best visibility in the months of October to May. Well known for abundance of marine life. Escape the winter - Cost Rica is always warm!

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 Costa Tropical Spain
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 Costa Rica
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Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo , Mexico
The twin towns with so much variety. The resort town of Ixtapa a
nd a few minutes away  Zihuatanejo  the quintessential picturesque fishing village nestled within a beautiful bay. The diving is know for the abundance of marine life, and a huge variety of dive sites.
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