Costa Tropical Scuba Diving

The La Herradura/Costa Tropical area of Spain is renown as one of the best dive sports in Spain. The reasons for this are simple - as well as good soft corals and marine life - there is is a multiple of dive spots of many protected coves. This means that we can almost always dive in good conditions. In fact we can normally dive for 350 plus days a year. Our schools works with two of the best qualified diving schools in this very well known dive area - La Herradura: Buceo La Herradura and CaboSur.
This combined team will give classes, offering teaching quality, modern and personalized teaching methods, so that... anyone can learn how to dive and safely enjoy the sea. The classrooms equipped with advanced audiovisual systems. we have courses ar every level. Most importantly, both companies have an excellent safely record and
international recognised qualifications.                        
The courses:
In every course we take care of every student personally, because we want you to learn, but we also want you to have a great deal of fun.
Our courses go from the most basic, the Open Water Diver, to the instructor course.

Full equipments
for every student. All of them checked and in perfect conditions. Practical learning, since the first day.
And if you're not a diver yet
, but wish to know how it feels in this fascinating world, get your dive baptism. Let you go with one of our expert instructors, with complete safety. As easy as that !! 
We offer Padi open water, advance diver,
Rescue Diver, First Aid Provider and Divemaster
Or  we can take one and two tank dives

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The dives
The excellent location makes us reach the remoter dive point in no more than 20 minutes. We reach all the rest in around 10 minutes.
We start all our dives from our boats, moored at 20 meters of the centre's door, in order to bring you all the possible comforts in our hands.
Different dive options:

Marina del Este:
rock, finishing in sand       (Min:4m.--Max:14m.) 
Marina del Este Punta de la Mona: cliff, finishing in sand       (Min:10m.--Max:52m.)
La Higuera: horizontal rock, separate from the coast     (Min:12m.--Max:22.)
Piedras altas: chaos of big rocks, separate from the coast     (Min:20m.--Max:45.)
Cuva del Jarro: 
cliff, finishing in sand    (Min:5m.--Max:25.)
La Calita: cliff, finishing in sand     (Min:5m.--Max:35.)                                             
Piedra del Hombre:
horizontal rock, separate from the coast     (Min:5m.--Max:17.)
Cerro Gordo:
the walls of Cerro Gordo offer us a great number of different dives.

Among the most spectacular and interesting we have: 
 Cerro Gordo-The Cave:
Cliff, finishing in sand. It is possible to visit a submarine cave (15m.).(Min:5m.--Max:25m.)
Cerro Gordo-The Huerta: Horizontal rock, separate from the coast. (Min:8m.--Max:18m.)
Cerro Gordo-Calaiza: Cliff, finishing in sand (Min:5m.--Max:20m.)