Spanish Courses

Academic Program

As soon as we receive your registration we will get in contact with you to offer our assistance and support. Whether this means help with your itinerary, advice on what to pack, or suggestions on making flight reservations, we want to share our knowledge of Bocas del Toro and Panama with you to make planning easier. This is part our philosophy of detailed coordination and assistance for our students every step of the way. We want to make the most of your  learning Spanish in Bocas

Intensive Spanish Courses

Whether you're a student in college, a professional in the field, or a lifetime learner, our Spanish language school will provide you with the
tools and guidance you need to achieve and surpass your study Spanish abroad goals.

All our teachers are carefully chosen for their abilities and are either native speakers or have several years of experience in Spanish language
The school has been in Bocas for 10 years and continues to impart the knowledge of Spanish to students from all over the world.

Our teaching method involved providing you the basics and then expanding upon those so that you have a solid understanding of the Spanish language and can continue to master it.

Learn Spanish and Dive Cartagena Colombia
 Learn Spanish and Dive
 Costa Tropical Spain
Learn Spanish and Dive
 Costa Rica
 Learn Spanish and Dive
 Learn Spanish and Dive Panama
 Learn Spanish and Dive

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*Mini group:*

·         Maximum class size of 2 persons
·         4 hours a day from Monday to Friday
·         Classes from 8am – 12:30pm or from 1pm – 5:30pm
·         Includes 2 breaks of 15 minutes
·         Free break time refreshments

*Private Class*

·         Available in15 or 20 hr blocks per week from Monday to Friday
·         3 hours a day, includes one break of 15 minutes
·         4 hours a day, includes two breaks of 15 minutes
·         Free break time refreshments
·         Classes (3 hours) from 8am-11:15am or from 1pm-4:15pm.
·         For 4 hours, schedule is same as above.