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Spanish and Diving!
The primer attraction of Bocas is its Scuba Diving. We combine Spanish courses in the morning, with Diving in the afternoons (please refer to prices for details). The Diving programs can either be courses (everything from scuba discovery  for beginners through to open water certification, Advanced, Rescue, first Aid and Dive master) or for those certified just wishing to dive there is a multiple of single/double tank dives, wreck dives, cave dives and night dives!

Visit to Indigenous Villages.
In the Archipelago boundaries there are several communities of the ngobe indians. These communities are, in the Bastimentos Island: Quebrada Sal and Bahia Honda; in Solarte: Solarte; in Popa: Popa 1, Popa 2 and Isla Tigre;
in San Cristobal: San Cristobal, Bocatorito and Valle Escondido; in Cayo Agua: Cayo Agua. If you are interested in Indian cultures, is a good idea to visit San Cristobal, Popa 2 or Quebrada Sal, where any local will tell you about their communities and customs.
Although they are established to receive tourists, they receive any visitor with kindness. You will see the Indians in their natural state.

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Bocas is renown for its surfing. Bocas is a cluster if islands - and the only way to reach many of the breaks is by boat. So you wont get lots of crowds here! A great break - and less visited one is Bastimentos . The first two beaches, from Bastimentos town, offer good conditions but they are more difficult to reach: by boat from Bocas or  Bastimentos (15 minutes), and then a 15 minutes walk to the other side of the island, to arrive to the first beach, with the second break just the next bay.
The third site, in Carenero island. This has a very powerful wave and is more suited to experienced surfers. It is also a short boat ride - and a shorter walk.
There are other good surf breaks bear Bocas, but these are three of the ones we enjoy the best due to their remoteness, the quality of the break, and the absolutely stunning scenery!

There are many places to explore around Bocas. The first takes you along the coast facing the open sea, with alternative rock outcrops and small beaches on the right, and undulating hills with cow farms and forests on the other side, until you reach the fabulous and as yet undeveloped beach of Bluff, with its distinctive bright orange sand. This is a great place to spend your day, swimming, taking care on rough days, laying on your back watching white-faced monkeys, or surfing the waves. Bluff Beach is also a marine turtles nesting beach, where conservation groups work during the nights, in season, to preserve nests and turtles from predators, activity open also to tourists.
Otherwise you can take the half hour trip to the old settlement of Bocas del Drago, situated on a sandy beach beyond which are patches of coral, of interest to the snorkeller. Five minutes from here, toward the open sea is the bird sanctuary Swan Key. In the way back to Bocas, make a point of stopping in the middle of the island to see the Bats Cave with its beautiful grotto.