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Scuba diving in Bocas del Toro is in some of the best and most diverse waters in all of Central America. The cost however is about half what you would expect to pay in places like Costa Rica or Roatan, Honduras. You can find many different types of corals, hundreds of species of fish, kelp forests, caves, reefs and shipwrecks, all within easy boat trip of Bocas town. With so many different types of diving experiences it is the perfect place to spend some time exploring them all.

When diving in Bocas you will be able to see some of the best preserved hard and soft coral in the world. You will also have the opportunity to see sting rays, lobsters, many species of crabs and a countless variety of tropical reef fish.
Some of the most popular dive sites: Tiger Rock, Crawl cay,Hospital Point, Zapatilla  Cays Caves, Ola chica.

The water temperatures here is very tropical and diving can be enjoyed throughout the year. Water visibility varies but the area renown for good visibility with perhaps August to  November  (there is less rain and wind) allowing for best water conditions.

Some of the best easy access Dive spots include:

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Tiger Rock
This is perhaps the furthest dive spot from Bocas down (about an hour). It lies just off the mainland  to the right of Zapatilla Cays. There is a large rock formation that stands above the surface which descends well below 100 ft. You will descent to about 35 ft where there is a sandy shelf covered in coral. From here you will descend the rock to about  100 ft. The rock wall itself has a steep slope, and you can cruise alongside the rock at whatever level you feel most comfortable. The rock is covered with plentiful amounts of soft and hard coral, and has numerous small crevices or caverns. You can  expect to see moray eels,  anemones, sponges, bristletree worms, and small schools of groupers, etc.

Crawl Cay
This dive sit is situated just off the southeast portion of Isla Bastimentos about a 30 minute boat trip from Bocas town. It's a shallow water dive, at about 20 - 35 ft., over an huge garden of soft and hard coral, separated by sandy bottom. Its similar to a drift as your pick up point is far from where you enter the water. You will be spend time gliding along the coral formations. This dive is fascinating for those interested in macro photograph, as there is plenty of bristletree worms, crabs, anemones, and Christmas tree worms. There is not much here in the way of large  fish.

Hospital Point
This dive spot is located just at the tip of Isla Solarte and is only 5 minutes by boat from Bocas town! The rocky point descends along a subtle slope to approximately 40ft, where it reaches the maritime channel. Along the slope you can find lobsters, moray eels, squid, and various species of soft and hard coral. Nurse sharks have been seen here, as have puffer fish, groupers and other colourful fish species.