Panama Learn Spanish and Dive!
Panama is a land of contrasts. Exotic, rich in culture and history, and as of yet still largely undiscovered by the tourism hoards.

Join us in the stunning Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro. These beautiful islands are located  just off the mainland of Panama. Learn Spanish and scuba diving on a Caribbean island paradise! Bocdas is known for some of the best (and cheapest!) diving in the whole of the Caribbean! There is diving for everyone from beginners to advanced. The Dive sites are normally pristine, uncrowded, and with good visibility.  

The islands offer you a huge  range of attractions. There is luxurious rain forests with an abundance of fauna and flora, sunny islands, beaches that compete with the Caribbean best,  guaymi indian villages, coral reefs in crystal clear water, mangrove islets in a lake-like scenery and a national marine park that protects examples of the ecosystems and natural resources coexisting within the Archipelago boundaries, as attribute to our future generations.

Not only is the scuba diving here amazing - but there is also so much else to do. You will really enjoy the whole atmosphere. It’s the perfect mix of friendly people, local cuisine, Caribbean architecture , local  festivities, that has made these islands an irresistible place. Now is the time to visit before the world finds out about Bocas! Join us in Paradise!  

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