Mexico Programs

Our School in Ixtapa offers several different Spanish programs for you. Our Main programs are:

Spanish and Scuba Diving

Intensive Spanish (for those not wishing to Dive)

Private one on one Spanish

We also offer Spanish and Surfing, Spanish and Horse Riding, and Medical Spanish (please inquire if you wish to have more information about these programs.

Our school is Spanish courses are recognized by the Universidad  Autónoma de Guerrero  Mexico. We can offer university credits through the Universidad  Autónoma de Guerrero that will normally be accepted for study abroad and can be transfered to your University.

Our Teaching methods:

Our Spanish courses are  all about you having a learning adventure!  Learning Spanish is more fun and means more when your classroom is the beach, Mexican restaurants, the local market, the museum  or having an adventure. As well as classroom based sessions we will also take you out to learn  in Spanish about the culture of Mexico, visit around and be guided by our expert native teachers.


Having lessons take place in real-life situations gives you the confidence to learn and and put this learning into practise. Our learning Spanish methods are practical and efficient as you will also be able to perform all the tourist related activities such as ordering at the restaurant, checking-in at the hotel, shopping, using transportation services, etc.

Since our method is easy, practical and fun, you would  gain the self-confidence to communicate with local Mexicans. This would encourage you to learn more and to understand and be understood by others.

You can Spanish Classes  from Monday to Friday - four hours per day, in the mornings or afternoons, to fit around your Diving or other  program.

Your Spanish lessons are based on activities that would enhance your learning of the language and Mexican culture. You will gain the knowledge, communicate well in Spanish and travel with confidence.


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