Mexico Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo
There are four convenient ways to reach  Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo:
1. Zihuatanejo has its own international airport with direct flights from locations in the US and Canada e.g.
Continental (Houston), Alaska (West Coast), or America West (Phoenix), and Frontier airlines.  
2. You can also fly to either Mexico City, Acapulco or
Guadalajara and then fly on a domestic flight to Zihuatanejo
3. You can  fly to either Mexico City or Acapulco  and  (luxury) bus to Zihuatanejo. There are many flights to Mexico City from all around the world, and  daily domestic flights on
AeroMexico or Mexicana to Zihuatanejo
4. You can bus or drive from the US - in particular Texas 

What are the ages of the students?
The students come in many ages, and nationalities! We have students, families and the whole range - from the US,  UK, Germany, Norway, Japan, New Zealand etc You will meet many different people from different countries and backgrounds as well as becoming immersed in Mexican culture.

How big is the school?
There is normally 10-20 other students there at any one time. It is a small school the emphasises personal attention. We want to make this the best possible experience.

I am coming with a friend who doesn't want to Scuba Dive. What else is there to do?
There are lots of other activities to become involved in (if they wish) - or perhaps they just want to lie on one of the miles of white sanded beaches ! or go shopping! Other activities include
 sports such as horse riding,  tennis, golf, sailing, surfing, ,kayaking, wind surfing, kitesurfing,  and big game fishing. Not to mention restaurants, discos live entertainment, and rustic old Mexican bars. There is  also archaeological sites wildlife reserves, tropical islands. This is an area packed with interesting and exciting things to do that cover all tastes.

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