Diving at Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo is known for its excellent diving. Located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Guerrero  it has 35 designated Dive sites. 13 are deep dives of from 60 to 90 ft. (20-30 meters). The other 22 are for dives of from 30 to 60 ft. (10-20 meters). Here you will find sheltered areas with coral formations that are ideal for night dives. Diving in this area of the Pacific offers a wide range of biodiversity in marine flora and fauna.

Underwater visibility varies throughout the year, but on the whole is very good. Visibility may range from around 15 ft. (5 meters) up to about 120 ft. (40 meters). Water temperatures may range from around 60° F (16° C) up to about 95° F (36° C). Zihuatanejo also enjoys approximately 300 days of sun annually!

Among the types of marine life that you may see in our waters are whale sharks, manta rays, seahorses, dolphins, whales, octopus, lobsters, sea turtles, sea urchins,  sea cucumbers, puffer fish, starfish, rays, conchs, corals, flounder, moray eels, moorish idols, and stone fish... as well as a great diversity of coloured fish from coral reefs and tropical waters

A 30 minute boat ride  from Zihuatanejo Bay brings you to one of the most spectacular diving zones of the Mexican Pacific - Los Morros de Potosi. Known at the Frailes Blancos (White Friars) these large white granite rocks soar  from the waters. This is a perfect equilibrium of marine fauna and a great variety of birds including pelicans and seagulls, whose guano gives these rocks their characteristic white colour. The Morros de Potosi are full of fascinating surprises such as caves, cliffs, vertical walls, canals and tunnels. As well as coral formations and submarine mountains, a superabundance of different manifestations of aquatic life are found here. This is world class diving 

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Other close dive sites:
Zihuatanejo Bay offers a dozen dive sites with something for everyone, from beginners to advanced divers:
Las Gatas (excellent for snorkelling)
Las Gatas ('The Cats' for the cat sharks that once lived here), are protected from the waves by a man made little reef, is beautiful for snorkelling and watching turtles and other rare species. At Pango, the deepest site in the Bay, you can observe rays courting in the winter months.
Piedra Solotaria
A rock cropping only ten minutes by boat from Las Gatas Beach offering an easy dive with eagle rays, porcupine puffer fish, masked puffer fish, moorish idols, starfish and lots of moray eels and octopus.
El Bajo de Afuera is well known for it's great beauty. Swim through arches and vertical walls.
Fanango Wreck
Fandango is a sunken boat broken in half, laying in the bay of Zihuatanejo and populated by a variety of invertebrates and seahorses. Please do not touch the boat's structure and be careful of loose lines.

Other good dive sites include: Sacramento, Bajo de Jaime, Bajo de Chato, Bajo del Borracho, Manzanillo and Cueva de la Gata. Some less spectacular sites include: Contramar and Caleta de Chon.

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