Why Learn Spanish?

Our  schools are foremost  Spanish language Schools. Yet we have also found that people learn fastest and with more enthusiasm  they combine learning with one of their passions e.g. Scuba diving. this way your  Spanish immersion is in a fun, supportive and interesting environment. Spanish is an important and fun language to learn. So what are the advantages of learning Spanish?

If you want to travel abroad and to really experience different culture you obviously need to learn to be able to talk and communicate with the locals. How else can you REALLY find out how people feel about life, and to become immersed in a different and interesting culture! sure - we can get by with a bit of sign language - but that is all it is- getting by. Isn't it much more fun to actually talk to people! So it pays to learn at least one other language and the best choice is Spanish. It's  is one of the most popular languages to learn in the world. After English, it is the language that is spoken in a greater number, and greater variety of countries than any other language. It is the official
language in 21 countries and 400 million people, and about another  100 million people speak it as their second language.
And it’s not just in Spain or Latin America. I can still remember my first experience of Miami. Shop after shop spoke Spanish (and I didn’t). Finally I saw a shop with a sign – ‘we speak English’ and in desperation I went in. This was one of the largest cities in America! By learning Spanish you'll be able to communicate with another half billion people!

Learning Spanish in a country where it is spoke is easier and faster than learning at home. It produces better results and, just as important, it's much more stimulating and fun. You can learn more in a few weeks immersed in a Spanish society, than for a whole year a few times a week in a classroom at home!

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