Montanita Ecuador Scuba Diving

The Pacific coast area of Ecuador is renown as one of the best dive sports in around. The reasons for this are simple - as well as good soft corals and marine life - there is is over 50 dive spots near Montanita.                   

This area of the Pacific coast has excellent diving opportunities. what a combo.. Learning Spanish in the morning right on the beach, and Diving in the afternoon. With 'El Pelado' (the best diving around, and many put on a par with diving in the Galapagos) just offshore, and La Viejita, Punta 40, Salanyo and Isla Del Plata not far away, Montanita is a great place to base yourself

El Pelado is just 20 minutes off shore, and a fantasitc dive location. It has siimilar urrent systems as Galapagos, and this brings a huge variety of fish and coral life. It is know for LOTS of fish life and very good soft and hard corals. You are very likely to see the following fish in numbers: Surgeon, Puffer,  Triger, Moorish idol, Flute, Trumpet,butterfly, scorpion, Gringos, Yellow snapper, Hog, Barber , Porcupine, Parrots (big!), Damsel. Goby.
IThere is also plenty of  Wahoo, Tortugas (tortoises), Spotted rays, manta rays, eagle rayGuitar sharks/rays, s and in season (July to October) many Whales. Nothing is more incredible than swimming amongst the whales! 

Learn Spanish and see the underworld in Montanita!


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