Become a dive Master or Dive Instructor

Become qualified as a Diving professional!
Whether you're new to diving or you've already dived before, you can become qualified to become a Dive master or dive instructor. You may have just finished school,  university, want a break from work or a change in career; working your way round the world as a professional dive guide or instructor is pretty good!

What do we offer?
We offer professional courses up to Divemaster at one of our diving centres. this is the first qualification of becoming a dive professional and can qualify you to commercially lead Dive trips. the next step is to become a Dive Instructor where you can teach others to dive (ie become a instructor of Open water courses!)

Why combine with Spanish?
After English, Spanish is the next biggest employer of Dive instructors in the world! . Think of all the Spanish countries in the Caribbean, Central America and South America! By learning to speak and instruct in Spanish you are increasing you range of where you can instruct, and also you employability!

Where Can I learn?
To Learn Spanish an become a Dive master we suggest the following: Venezuela, Panama and Costa Rica. To become a Dive Instructor (PADI IDC) we suggest Panama! To go from Open water to PADI IDC we suggest that your combine locations e.g. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica to become a Dive Master followed by the Panama Caribbean to become a Dive Instructor

What does it include?
These packagers include all diving courses as outlined, Spanish language classes as outlined, and accommodation.

Pre Divemaster training courses.- 8 weeks.
You haven't dived much - or maybe not at all! This course takes you right up to the level of being able to attend one of our Dive Master courses.
This 8 week course takes you up to the level to start your Dive Master. It includes Open Water, Advanced open water, Rescue (including First Aid), accommodation, 30 dives, 10 hours of Spanish per week, 80 hours of Spanish. Available in Montanita Ecuador

Open Water to Divemaster
This 2 month package is the recommend Dive Master passage. It combines all the PADI recreational courses and the PADI Divemaster Internship in one, and also 80 Spanish lessons and accommodation. It is extremely comprehensive and also includes your own equipment and all the land based activities. There is a pre requistie of 30 dives. Available Costa Rica, or Panama. $3520

Divemaster- 8 weeks
If you already have rescue diver and 30 logged dives - then this is for you.
This is a comprehensive 8 week course. It includes 80 hours of Spanish,  accommodation, Dive Master training and courses and internship for 8 weeks, a minimum of 30 dives.  Does not include PADI books which you can keep. Pre requisite is Rescue Diver and 30 logged dives. Available in Montanita Ecuador

Assistant Instructor - 3 weeks
You are already a Dive master, and want to be an instructor. The next major step is to become an assistant instructor. This course is only held twice a year in Montanita, Ecuador. Includes Accommodation, 30 hours of Spanish, and the PADI assistant instructor course. Does not include books

Learn Spanish and become a Dive Instructor!
Learn Spanish and Dive Cartagena Colombia
 Learn Spanish and Dive
 Costa Tropical Spain
Learn Spanish and Dive Montanita Ecuador
Learn Spanish and Dive
 Costa Rica
 Learn Spanish and Dive
 Learn Spanish and Dive Panama

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