Academic Credits

US College credits are available at several of our schools. Please view the individual schools for information This can offer in three ways:

1. Enrolling at our partner US College, and transferring these credits to you home institution. There is an enrolment fee paid directly to our partner College. While  studying at our schools, you can achieve the following College credits:

TL 197: International Cooperative Education (Spanish and Volunteering) 5 credits
TL 198: International Cooperative Education (Spanish and Volunteering) 5 credits
EDU 291: Using the World As a Classroom 5 or 10 credits
SSC 297: Travel/Study Experience 5 or 10 credits
HUM 291: Spanish Language Enhancement Through Experiential Activities

2. Some of our Study Spanish and Horse Ride schools can offer credits through their local University. These schools include: Granada, Mexico and Venezuela

3. All the schools offer Spanish courses that many US Colleges are happy to accept. theses can include:

Span 101 and 102 Elementary Spanish
Span 201 and 202 Intermediate Spanish
Span 301 and 302 Advance Spanish
and a number of Spanish literature and Culture courses depending on the location:

In all cases we recommend that you seek pre approval from your home institute,


Please email us for more details on you gaining College credits.

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