Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

Our Spanish language school will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to learn Spanish effectively, and put your leaning into practise.  The best ways to learn Spanish is with good teachers in a safe,  secure and interesting Spanish speaking environment and country. This is what our school is based on..

All our teachers are well qualified professional Spanish teachers  who are carefully chosen. We want to  maximize your learning time here with activities  that reflect your level of Spanish proficiency and give you the opportunity to learn and progress as rapidly as possible.
Our teaching methods will connect your Spanish learning to real life situations so that your new vocabulary skills are retained and mastered quickly.

Mini group:

  • Maximum class size of 5 persons (usual average is 2-3)

  • Classes from 8am - 12 noon and 1pm - 5pm and includes 2 breaks of 10 minutes  

  • Each lesson is 55 minutes long

  • 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday

  • Free internet use

  • Free break time refreshments available

  • If there is only 1 student per level, he/she will receive 15 hours one on one in place of 20 hours with one 15 minute break

Private Class

  • Available for15 or 20 hours per week from Monday to Friday

  • Each lesson is 55 minutes long 

  • 3 hours a day, includes one break of 15 minutes or 4 hours a day, includes two breaks of 10 minutes

  • Classes from 8am – 11am or 12noon or 1pm – 4 or 5pm

  • Free internet use

  • Free break time refreshments


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