Costa Rica Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?
Your travel agent will have lots of information, plus search the net for the best prices. Most flights go to San Jose, and from there you can bus (about $10) or fly (about $55) to Manuel Antonio. We will pick you up from here. Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries in Central America, and easy to get to. We will help you with your internal travel.

How safe is it?
Costa Rica is one of most politically stable and safest in Central America and South America. This is why it is an extremely popular destination! !

How good is the Spanish course?
We are a professional Spanish language school which attracts students from all over the world. . Many  students only come here only to learn Spanish. We have an excellent reputation. We also believe that people learn the best when they are in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. People also learn better and enjoy themselves more when they have other interesting activities to do.  This is why we provide Spanish programs combined with other 'passions' such scuba diving

I'm a beginner/ expert speaker of Spanish
There are 10 levels of Spanish classes from beginner to advanced.

How good is the Scuba Diving?
Diving is Costa Rica, and this area is very good. It has a huge variety of marine life - with a great diversity of fish. Visibility is generally very good, water temperature warm, and the diving instructors very professional. It is an ideal location for both the beginner and advanced divers.

Where should I stay?
We always recommend to Home Stay with one of the local families. Its the best way to private your Spanish and to become  get immersed in the Costa Rican  culture - plus they are such friendly families!

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