Every day more and more people want to learn another language and travel. The only way to really experience another culture is to learn the language so you can fully immerse yourself in this exciting and new experience.

Spanish is the language spoken in more than 20 countries by  more than 400 million people. It is estimated that another150 million people speak Spanish as a second language! You definitely wont be alone when you decide to learn Spanish!

All our courses are taught in excellent universities by professors with a high record of experience, guarantying a high quality teaching. On the other hand, the schedule planned for your spear time will make this experience an unforgettable one.  Our Spanish courses that are focused on the student’s interests to make the learning process easier (the courses are focused on professional, familiar or cultural interests). 

You will learn form your experienced and well qualified teacher in the morning, and be able to experience the delights of Cartagena and scuba diving in the afternoons. We will make you classes fun, enjoyable and most importantly you will be able to learn Spanish quickly with our approach. We invite you to visit us and see why we are the best option for you to learn Spanish.

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